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Neem and Peppermint 3-in-1 Plant Wipes

Neem and Peppermint 3-in-1 Plant Wipes

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Discover the Nepalese farming secret of neem! It's been used in agriculture and traditional medicine within the country for centuries. Neem's leaves, bark, seeds, and oils are all used for pest control, natural fertilizer, beauty treatments, as well as traditional medicines. We used neem leaf extract in our products as a natural pesticide given its bitter taste and strong odor that repels insects and pests. Don't worry though, these wipes also contain a healthy dose of peppermint to offset those strong scents for you. 

 3-in-1 Plant Wipes are saturated in our blend of essential oils, kelp extract, and castile soap. Keep your houseplants clean, pest free, and leave behind a foliar feed with each use. These lavender-scented can be used on all types of houseplants and smell great too. Each pack contains (15) 7x13" compostable viscose plant fiber. All new packaging is fully recycled/recyclable as well. Give your plant babes a bath without lugging them across the house or compromising earth friendly values. 



Use wipe on all parts of your plant weekly to remove dust, dirt, hard water spots, pests and leave your foliage looking fantastic.

*Product contains neem which is known to burn plants in direct sunlight. Avoid wiping before or during periods of full sun or with plant lights. 

*Can be used more frequently if you're treating for pests. If so, we suggest using a dedicated wipe for affected plants which is disposed of immediately.

Handmade and packaged with intention in Portland, OR. 

Product contains:
Water, castile soap, fertilizer, neem and other essential oils.

Wash hands after use. Do not touch eyes, face or mouth while in use. Keep away from pets and children.

*Best when used within 30 days of opening. Please be sure to seal bags prior to storing in a cool, dry area.* 

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