How did Fantastic Foliage begin?

Our story 

It started out with a few house plants that quickly turned into an indoor jungle. During the pandemic, we had enough time to manage our plant care routine, but knew it needed to have a way to shorten our routine, but still keep the quality of care the same. 

We began researching simple ways to care for our plants while also keeping it affordable and manageable. We fell in love with the idea of wiping our plants with one wipe. We thought, "if one wipe would take care of hundreds of plants, it would save us so much time in our plant maintenance routine." 

We started developing and testing different organic ingredients that would be safe for most house plants. After some time, we finally found something that works, and it met all of our requirements we were looking for. 

It had to be easy, organic, safe, and stress free. And so, Fantastic Foliage was born. 

Hand packed near Portland, Oregon with love and intention.

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How do we make our products?

Everything we use is 100% organganic, making it biodegradable and compostable. 

Our ingredients we use are

  • Water
  • Castile soap
  • Fertilizer
  • Neem
  • Essential oils

We carefully measure the ingredients to create a concentrated formula that we use to soak our plant fiber wipes. Then it's nothing but packaging and distributing. All with love and intent, of course!

What is our mission?Our goal is to bring plant care and self care together in a cohesive way that allows plant owners to feel good about their small gardens and jungles.

Sustainability is tied to our mission and our business! Every time we develope, test, and pack our products, we are keeping the Earth's resources in mind. We're committed to finding the most effective way to keep your plants clean as well as the planet.