About Us

Fantastic Foliage was bred out of an obsession for house plants and home propagation. Today, Fantastic Foliage connects plant care and self care with a line of natural products designed to keep your indoor jungle shining.

After years of collecting, tending, and losing many plants to neglect and/or pests, we developed a wet wipe that would clean, protect, and feed your collection of botanical beauties.


  • Bryan Adams

    I'm Bryan, creator and founder of Fantastic Foliage. After decades of horticultural hobby interest and elective classes taken, I started collecting houseplants in 2019. Always trying to find a more efficient way for everything lead to this line of houseplant care products.

    When I'm not in the greenhouse you'll find me exploring the beautiful PNW mountains and coasts for fun. Safety and security at a hospital to fund the adventures. Living and working in Portland is awesome, but nature is always calling.