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Why neem? Is it safe?!

Neem leaves produce an all natural oil known to interrupt the reproductive cycle of many common houseplant pests. It's toxic but also highly volatile! Meaning, it dissipates very quickly, losing toxicity as it dries. Products containing neem should be used with caution around children, pets, and full sunlight.

If that sounds like too much trouble, you can always take a look at our Neemless Collection. It has the same great 3-in-1 versatility, but without the fuss.  


What are those green floaty things in my concentrate bottle? Is that mold?!  

Don't fret! Those green floaty things are not mold! It's actually bits from our kelp fertilizer. Just give it a good shake and it should mix back in. If it doesn't that's totally ok, too.

How long should wait to clean between the days I wipe my plants?

That's totally up to your plants' living conditions. If your plants live in an area where it's dustier than normal, we recommend a more frequent wipe down routine. If your plants reside in an area where it's not very dusty, we suggest wiping them every two weeks or so. Obviously it will not hurt them to wipe them more frequently than that, even if they aren't super dusty.

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